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Wadsworth Guide to Research (2nd ed.)

Miller-Cochran, Susan K., and Rochelle L. Rodrigo. The Wadsworth Guide to Research, 2nd ed. Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage, 2014. Print. (50%)

The first research guide explicitly grounded in the rhetorical situation, The Wadsworth Guide to Research, Second Edition, encourages students to consider the impact of their audience, purpose, and context at every stage of the research process. With a focus on using technology more productively in research, this concise guide offers complete coverage of the “how” and “why” of researching, and the key research technologies important to success. Encouraging students to build on the research skills they use every day (buying a car, choosing a movie, etc.), the authors include annotated student samples, research scenarios, and Techno Tips, to help students every step of the way toward developing the research skills they need for success both academically and professionally. The text’s visual display of content (including full-color spreads) allows students to quickly find the information they need, while its categorization of sources into static, syndicated, and dynamic helps students make sense of academic citation practices. Available with InfoTracĀ® Student Collections

PDF of Cover Pages and Table of Contents