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screen capture of my old website:

A screencapture of my old website (now only available through the Wayback Machine

This site is two-plus years in the making. Once it became official I was going to stay at Old Dominion University as the Department of English’s “new media” hire, I figured I needed to remodel my digital presence (obviously that is more than this website; whew…give me time!). Once I completed my third year, pre-tenure review this past spring, I finally realized I had the content to put together this professional website. The pre-tenure review got me realizing that this is more of a portfolio that just happens to also have a blog, not the other way around.

Therefore, this site is my professional website. In terms of content, this site is an attempt at being professional transparent. I am doing things like sharing my various evaluations and reflections. I figure if I’m going to continue asking my students, especially my doctoral students, to publically blog about their learning, I better model transparent learning and professional growth.

Obviously this site is not something coded from scratch. This site is also a demonstration of my philosophy on teaching and learning various digital technologies. Although I sincerely appreciate (I’m even somewhat jealous of) my colleagues who can do their own coding, teaching for nine years, full-time at a community college allowed me to appreciate digital literacy as a habit of mind—allowing folks to produce the best product they can with the resources in which they have access (echoes of Aristotle anyone?). I also, however, am modeling that I try to challenge myself to learn new things every time I complete a digital project.

In other words…

However, I still had to hack this baby:

  • I still can’t figure out where/how/why the global CSS is overriding embed heights (thanks Alan for your help figuring out a work-around option);
  • I tinkered with the global CSS code of WP theme for the first time (thanks Helen for holding my hand and not getting too frustrated);
  • Don’t get me started on figuring out how/why the contact page “email me” won’t work and of course I can’t figure out how to turn it off while leaving the map <aarhh!> (Dan, be warned…I planning to pester you this fall!);
  • I can’t wait to continue playing with the nuance of page/section specific sidebars and widgets; and
  • I’m still playing around with the Revolution Slide plugin (timing animations is difficult both aesthetically and technologically).

Thanks WP users group participants for sharing the ups and downs of banging around in the WP environment.

I finally had the push of getting something live so that Megan could share an example “polished” portfolio to other faculty. I know I’ll continue to tinker and blog; however, the next massive “push” of content will be in two years when I prepare my tenure packet (hopefully I’ll keep up some stuff along the way)!

I guess I should go back to trying to remodel the PhD website.

August 9, 2014