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     ODU Learns

odulearnsCo-Directors: Shelley Rodrigo, Marissa Jimenez, & Lucy Rush
ODUlearns is a collaborative social media campaign from the University Libraries, Learning Commons, and Student Success Center at Old Dominion University. ODUlearns posts tips, tricks, and suggestions for how to academically succeed at ODU.
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     Student Participants

Melanie Barker, Internship for MA program in Professional and Technical Writing, Spring 2014
Phyllis Albergottie, Internship for MA program in Professional and Technical Writing, Fall 2013
Adrienne Warren, Internship for experience in video production, Fall 2013
Jose Roman, Internship for experience in communications, Summer 2013
William Case, Undergraduate Researcher, Content Research as well as Content and Assessment Plan Developer, Summer 2013
Stacey Saumier, Internship as Social Media Content Researcher and Developer, Summer 2013

     Learn-2-Learn Game

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 9.35.51 AMCo-Designers: Shelley Rodrigo, Megan McKittrick, Matt Beale, Amy Adcock, & Sarah Spangler

The Learn-2-Learn (L2L) Game (current test environment) is a gameful learning environment with basic student success strategies and self-efficacy content, a game architecture to motivate students, and support materials to help faculty implement small L2L activities to courses that are already designed.

     Student Participants

Marquise Twitty, Undergraduate Researcher, Game Narrative Scope and Structure Research and Design, Spring & Fall 2014
Katelyn Kietlinski, Undergraduate Researcher, Secondary Scholarship as well as Usability and Formative Assessment study, Fall 2013-Spring 2014

    ODU ePortfolio Initiative

ep3As a result of the writing focused Quality Enhancement Plan initiative at Old Dominion University, as well as the end of the writing exit examination, many different units on campus have started to develop and/or expand ePortfolio assessment programs. ePortfolios are on ODU’s strategic plan to improve teaching and learning.

Fall 2013: Shelley Rodrigo and Megan Mize work with the Department of English to test Bedford St. Martin’s ePortfolio platform in gen ed writing classes.
2014-15: Shelley Rodrigo and Megan Mize work with the Honors College to develop an Honors College ePortfolio program. Megan Mize also works with Academic Enhancement (student services) to train digital coaches (tutors) to work with students across the university who are developing and maintaining eportfolios. Also working with the writing program to use digital portfolios to help with program assessment.