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685: Questions about Writing


I am teaching a MA level writing research methods course this semester. I told them I would also do the research journal assignment with them. I’ve never explicitly kept a research journal before (just piles of saved notes; thank you Google Drive for being searchable!). 

My large research questions about writing have primarily emerged from my experiences teaching writing. Although I may have been more of a rhetorician as a graduate student at Arizona State University, nine years full time at Mesa Community College made me a compositionist. In short, most of my scholarship is integrative, applied, and/or teaching (ala Boyer). I taught the second online writing course offered at ASU and was hired to teach online writing courses at MCC. For years, including my dissertation, my research agenda was driven by the question of “how do we best teach writing in/through digital environments?

That research path then lead me down to my other larger area of interest, how do we prepare others to teach writing?  Much of my current research and scholarly activity is wrapped up on figuring out ways to support faculty, including those outside of English, in incorporating writing into their courses.

These two questions provide large umbrella frameworks for the vast majority of my research and writing.