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Mozilla & Open Badges


As I’ve been continuing to play with the gamification of learning (yes…vs gaming as learning; we can go down that rabbit hole later), I’ve been increasing interested in the Open Badge movement. This morning I was excited to earn (or well, at least “activate” the fact I had already earned them) my first two badges from 3D Game Lab. Although it was exciting to connect the Game Like LMS environment with Mozilla’s BackPack, I’m bummed that they don’t yet have a basic embedding tool that allows me to embed my BackPack on my website. Instead, I’m limited to linking out to my BackPack and/or embedding images (below).

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 6.35.54 AM

I was happy to find that there is a WP plugin for Open Badges. I at first thought it would help me display the badges. Although that was not the case, I am excited to find out it will allow me to make badges and connect them with the Mozilla BackPack system. I have no idea what type of back channel paperwork that might require; however, this is potentially¬†very exciting for a handful of projects I’m juggling right now.