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Disrupted Writing, Life Happens: Own It!


ownitI’ve had some graduate students take me up on the 5 Week Regular Writing Challenge. Go team; however, many of them have had difficulties:

  • waiting to get started (dang Stats class!)
  • starting with smaller chunks of time
  • distracted by family
  • still “binging” to meet deadlines (Laura, thanks for the prompt to write this, I’ve been meaning to!)

Over the past month I’ve struggled with my own regular writing, I too have lost time to conferences and family. I too still have to binge to meet deadlines (however, I’m finding the more I regularly write, the less this occurs). And now that I’ve started teaching a condensed summer class at the same time I’m getting “Revise and Resubmit” responses back, I’m struggling to keep up teaching, writing, and researching (you know the work you do before the writing!).

I just wanted to share that I struggle as well. Tom, my partner, has gotten used to me “making up” weekday writing time on the weekends (as a way to meet my 4-5 days a week). I occasionally only have a one, not two, hour writing day. Opportunities come up, or tight revise and resubmit deadlines emerge, and I have to binge to get the work done.

Usually, during that day, I feel guilty, especially for not writing; however, I just have to own it. Life happens, and we just have to own it. I’m not perfect! My mentors are not perfect. I don’t expect my graduate students to be perfect. Own it! Still have a boring website that needs serious time, energy, and better header art; owning it!

Part of owning it is accepting life happens. Owning it means owning your strengths and weaknesses. Owning it means acknowledging sometimes you’ll binge write (sometimes because you have to, sometimes because you want to). Owning it also means you get to celebrate the successes as well; even with my imperfect regular writing streak, I’m more productive and I’ve got proof. I get to own successes too!

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by zev