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Undergraduate Mobile Learning: A Project in the Making


Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.04.42 PMContext of this Post

When I posted my 5 Week Regular Writing Challenge, I discussed tracking my regular writing. In response, a colleague mentioned that she regularly journals her research as a way to track it. Knowing that I need to be doing that, and having decided that the “angle” of this blog is professional transparency (I still need to write that post!), I decided that I should ask my ENGL794/894, Digital Writing Research, students to start a research journal for their projects. Of course, I need to model good behavior (and I’ve got the beginnings of a project that I can use to start getting in the habit).

The Actual Post

The point of this first posting assignment is to share ideas for a research topic and discuss what/how/why I’m invested in the topic. Since I had a Web 2.0 SoTL project go sideways a few years back, I have been very interested in mobile learning. I’ve been following the ownership and usage stats about mobile devices from Pew, Nielsen, and EDUCAUSE. Specifically, I’m interested in collecting similar ownership and usage data about undergraduate students, especially those enrolled in FYC writing courses. First, I want to be able compare that data to national numbers; second, I want to also collect qualitative data that can help develop user profiles like the SO-LO-MO (Social, Local, Mobile) example by in the 2011 State of Mobile Media report by Nielsen (p. 23, see attached).

I am interested in collecting this data to share with Writing Program Administrators across the nation (think WPA Journal submission!); with this in mind, I’m hoping some colleagues at other institutions might collect the same data with me. I’m also interested in my local, ODU, data to use in context of other mobile projects I’ve got in the works.