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A new job…finally a new blog


Me wearing a welding jacket and gloves with a welding mask on my forehead. I am showing two thumbs up. CCCC ’13. I know part of the reason I’ve been dragging my digital feet about starting this blog is since I now officially represent “New Media” or “Digital Rhetoric/Composition” or “Digital Writing” or…in the Department of English at Old Dominion University. The pressure!

However, I also believe in the “good enough” philosophy of digital writing. “Good enough” is obviously dependent on the rhetorical situation; however, I also know I will never be a “professional” graphic designer or web designer. Part of my philosophy with my digital writing students (a fellow faculty) is to just get going; a lot of the rhetorical situations they’ll be designing and writing for will be satisfied with a high level of “good enough” that still isn’t “professional.”

Someone holding up the palm of her hand in front of her face. The following is written on the palm in black felt pen: You are good enoughI also know that many of my “digital writing” colleagues also believe in “code it yourself.” However, when working with various faculty who teach with technology, I have come to appreciate the use of applications and templates. Again, isn’t it all rhetorical?

Therefore, with this particular blog, the rhetorical purpose of “demonstrating my ethos as a Digital Rhetorician/Compositionist” clashes with my firm belief in “good enough” and “learn and work with scaffolding.” That will be one of the constant tensions with this new blog, along with the constant tension of “being professional” with “being transparent.” More on that second tension in some other post.

Cropped “Good Enough Palm” Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by ganesha.isis